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The #1 pitfall for entrepreneurs…

  • Entrepreneurs start with passion, create a product (in their minds) or spend a lot of time on, for example, a training environment and the associated technology, but then …. then comes the step that they need customers to test their product so that they can find the right ones. get customers
  • Then they try to get customers organically to test, so post on social media or email every day. But if that  doesn’t work , then first a website is made (after all…. people think: ‘Without a good website no customers) 
  • And… then there’s that website (but still without customers). And then the next step is to buy courses, ‘how do I advertise successfully’ or spend a lot of time on that perfect giveaway.  But yeah, no customers yet. But yes, you also want to earn something as an entrepreneur (namely to make that funnel right, because that is so difficult that technique..)
  • And end up in the # 1 pitfall: Working hard and getting lost in technology ‘If I work hard enough, those customers will come’, ‘As long as I am Expert enough… , but how do I get reviews’… .
  • With the conclusion: frustration about technology instead of being able to carry out your passion with your (future) customers! And many entrepreneurs stop because it’s too difficult
  • So what I see a lot is that entrepreneurs have difficulty getting the technology in order, so that it is not possible to test easily. As a result, they never get the customers they want to help!

Free case study by Ivette Bakker

Ivette helps entrepreneurs who don’t feel like technology with a ‘Plug-and-Play-System’ to implement so that they can focus on their passion and their customers and therefore achieve results with their business much faster.

  • Is sober and practical, has completed HTS and is a successful coach and entrepreneur
  • Has been coaching and has had very profitable funnels for years (where she earns thousands of euros)
  • Loves technology and helps you to support you in this
  • Developed the HIT formula to empower entrepreneurs 
  • Know what it takes to get you on your way quickly

Free Case Study Reveals:

  • How you can quickly test accessible without any technical knowledge so that you grow faster in your company
  • How to get around organic customer testing (in 3 practical steps)
  • Apply the hack in your company so that you don’t get stuck in technical choices and hassle
  • Find out what your customer really wants (and sell it) by optimizing your funnel
  • How my unique, proven system works and helps entrepreneurs
Presentation by: 
Ivette Bakker

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